What We Do

What we do...

We understand the complexity of race events. Which is why we specialise in accuracy, reliability as well as flexibility needed to properly time your race, help manage your events, and assist you to achieve your full potential.

Our services


Race Timing Service

We work hard to certify your satisfaction with our service so you feel once you use Race Timing Solutions you will understand why our clients never use anyone else, and neither will you.


Buy a timing system

For small - medium, frequent events, we offer organisers the opportunity to purchase their own timing system. With every timing system purchased, you'll get 24/7 support, monthly training for you and up to 2 staff, free timing software and much more.


Hire a timing system

We have made it much simpler for organisers of small, infrequent events to hire out our timing systems. We will provide training prior to your event and support during and after your event. Your participants will receive live result and race times text to their phones.

Race Extras

We have been around enough events to know what you'll need to make your event stand out. Have a look below for some of our race extras we can provide you.


Online Registration

You'll receive the payments every 8 days; The programme is easy to use, quick to set up and the interface looks great for participants.
It's only £0.99p +VAT per registrant and we take as little as 4% commission.


Race Results

We provide you with a link to add to your own website which increases the traffic through your customers sites, helping to raise the profile of your club, charity or event! Click the link below to view our latest and previous race results.

Types of events we time

Running, Sportive & Trail Run


Open/pool water swim

OCR/Mud race


School and charity events



Tri/Aqa/Du/Bi athlon

How our Timing Service works

We work hard to certify your satisfaction with our service so you feel once you use Race Timing Solutions you will understand why our clients never use anyone else,  and neither will you. 

 Once the logistics are agreed, we arrive and we set up our timing equipment and any extras you may have hired at least 3 hours before the first wave.

 We brief all of your marshals on everything they may need to know on participants changes and or transfers. We also leave shoe samples at registration as illustrations for participants to put their race chips on correctly.

 If you have booked our racepacks, we will set everything up and breif your registration marshals on how to use it efficiently. 

 We will ensure the timing goes perfectly well to our infamously pristine standards throughout the length of your event.

We display the race results on two laptops for all participants to view their finish times as soon as we have uploaded them online (providing the area has good signals).

We happily provide an excellent after service for you and your participants, answering enquiries they may have during and after the event. Participants can contact us from the results page should they have any enquires so you can fully relax after all your hard work. 

Race Extras

We provide a number of extras to add a professional finish and extra competitive ambience to your event. Here is a list of some extras we offer for hire. Please click on the button below to see the price list to view more extras we offer.

Start/Finish Arch in various sizes

Custom race numbers

Kids & Adult Bike Racking

Big race clock


PA systems with mic and speakers


Prize Podium

Race Packs

Registration can be a stressful and time-consuming process on race day; our race pack system makes the registration process much easier so no-matter how many participants you expect, you will not need as many marshals trying to formulate an ad-hoc system to minimise the chaos that comes with the registration, as our system is controlled and simple for fewer marshals to effectively and confidently manage.

We provide labelled packages with everything participants need from you and us. Inside the race packs they will find the race chip and fixings, bib number and fixings and any other accessories you wish to feature in there. The Race Packs can be dispatched to you before race day or we can bring it in the morning.

On the day of the event one of the first things we do is help organise the pack for you with letter dividers as well as placing them alphabetically for your staff/marshals to easily and quickly find and hand out to each individual participant.

Quick, easy and stress-free – job done.

Customised Race pack

Standard race pack

Multisport racepack

Contact US

For any inquiries please email


 Now you can purchase your very own timing system from us.

Another way we are giving race organisers the flexibility and control to make their event the best it can be.

This is the timing system for everyone.

The benefits:

●Software included. No license costs and no devices limit.
●Support via email. Priority reply in 1 to 3 hours.
●Personal attention by an account agent for commercial inquiries and chip orders.
●Updated documentation and online training at help.macsha.com.
●Support via WhatsApp (1h / month.). Voice chat available.
●First-Race Support: Accompaniment during the first race.
●Permanent training.
●Monthly training and update courses

Let’s set you up with your own timing system today.