Weekend of May 9th – 10th. Tri-anglar Triathlon and Tri-High Highfield school Triathlon



This weekend we timed a kids triathlon for one of our regular clients. It was a very peaceful day and everything ran smoother that a newly shaved basketball player’s head. The weather wasn’t great to begin with but that is to be expected. Tri-high hosted a lovely swim bike run event for the children of Highfield boarding school and we had an awesome day timing it for them. What can we say, it’s all in the days work.

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Sunday’s event with Tri-Anglia triathlon club was brilliant too. Despite an extremely early start (much earlier than usual) it was nice to be greeted with such beautiful views of the sunrise. Tri-Anglia held their event near a golden yellow field of what looked like a sea of buttercups and the breeze on that day flew their sweet aroma through our sweaty nostrils. It was a lovely day, so lovely that it made setting up bike racks seem fun and rewarding – just because we got to enjoy the fresh air and warm sun beams.

A refreshing and delicious cakes provided by a very talented lady who ran a coffee mobile and sweet mocha topped off the day for me and I sat down to enjoy the pain riddled triathletes triumph  across our timing mats.

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It was a brilliant weekend and the best part is that we get to do it all again next weekend. Till then folks. =)