Rampage Ram Run 25 April

A weekend off? Ha! Fat chance.

We got an emergency booking last minute yesterday evening, but being the awesome race timers that we are we accepted, dropped our plans and were in the office for a few hours of packing.

And it was worth it because Ram Run threw a fanatic event complete with a giant pork kitchen by wholeporkroastcompany for all the meat lovers like myself and for those who enjoy delicious chocolate filled crepes again, such as myself and boy did I stuff my face in both 😀


Aside from the food the weather was nice to us, it toyed with us a little with some threats of rain but in the end it turned out to be beautifully sunny and a fanatic turn out for out newest client.

Here, check out some pictures we took

wpid-20150425_104142.jpg wpid-20150425_105841.jpg  wpid-20150425_105815.jpg  wpid-20150425_103216.jpg wpid-20150425_080906.jpg wpid-20150425_104155.jpg wpid-20150425_104202.jpg wpid-20150425_105904.jpg wpid-20150425_105951.jpg wpid-20150425_110012.jpg wpid-20150425_110017.jpg wpid-20150425_114838.jpg wpid-20150425_114856.jpg wpid-20150425_114858.jpg wpid-20150425_115328.jpg wpid-20150425_115358.jpg wpid-20150425_115415.jpg wpid-20150425_115511.jpg wpid-20150425_115529.jpg wpid-20150425_115535.jpg wpid-20150425_115700.jpg wpid-20150425_115704.jpg wpid-20150425_115707.jpg wpid-20150425_115713.jpg wpid-20150425_115839.jpg wpid-20150425_115843.jpg wpid-20150425_115850.jpg wpid-20150425_115951.jpg wpid-20150425_120512.jpg wpid-20150425_125223.jpg wpid-20150425_125211.jpg wpid-20150425_125934.jpg wpid-20150425_140307.jpg wpid-20150425_070033.jpg wpid-20150425_070204.jpg wpid-20150425_104306.jpg wpid-20150425_105817.jpg wpid-20150424_211053.jpg wpid-20150424_211141.jpg wpid-20150425_070051.jpg wpid-20150425_071738.jpg wpid-20150425_074253.jpg wpid-20150425_145607.jpg wpid-20150425_145652.jpg 20150425_125224 wpid-20150425_140307.jpg


8 thoughts on “Rampage Ram Run 25 April”

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