Race The Sun 21 May 2015

The challenging event RTS has ever done came upon us in two measly weeks notice and nothing could have prepared us for what awesomeness was going to occur that day.

Ring ring went Dennis’ phone and on the other line was a proposal for the most complicated race we would undertake in our race timing history and of course it came from the army.

Let me explain quickly:


This is the map of the race course


The aim was not only to get right amount of staff on a weekday – but we had to time 15 different legs which in this case meant 15 different types of races in 15 different locations of which some of them were 40 minutes drive away from each other.

Confusing as it was we of course pulled it off. With Dennis doing some seriously intense planning and of course being the well-skilled timer that he is it came off a doozy and the army guys were very impressed, so impressed we got one of the best testimonies we’ve ever had.

Although I was restricted of my camera action I did manage to sneak in a few snippets of imagries:


20150521_17270020150521_192201 20150521_19220720150521_145303-PANO20150521_15074420150521_14530620150521_14530320150521_145310  20150520_16552920150520_193044 20150521_04325220150521_053452


20150521_053520 20150521_12465920150521_130757 20150521_14533220150521_150529

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