May 17th – Thorpe Tirathlon

We’ve got some catching up to do – I knew it would happen sooner or later that I would be swallowed up with too many events for my fingers and thumbs to catch up with. – Apologies for the delay in upkeep and in order to atone for my absence I have some beautiful images for you to gorge your eyes upon.

First things first – the event: Thorpe Triathlon 2015 website | Event Result page


We got to the location the afternoon before to set up the bike racking. As we got on with trying to fit bits of metal poles into other bits of metal poles a visitor decided to grace us with its presence.

a swan!



Brave was this swan as it mingled amongst us waddling along as though we were too insignificant for it to notice. I tell you that swan knew it was protected, it gloated as though to say “you puny humans can’t hurt me, I’m protectedby the queen”.


Swan aside, the weather was very beautiful and thankfully so as we had a new person to try out, the job wouldn’t have been as appealing if it was pouring down with rain.

Needless to say, our new recruit was a smash hit.  He enjoyed his job (what’s not to love) and we enjoyed his company. He was very helpful, really keen and genuinely enjoyed the environment – what more could we ask for.

Right. Here are those awesome pictures I took at the triathlon and it’s a shame it’s taken me so long for you to see them but here they are-

Did I mention Dennis (RTS director) loved the look of the lake so much, he decided to have a dip in it.


One of those bobing heads belongs to RTS Can you spot which one is Dennis’?


Dennis, realising how hard open water swimming is when you haven’t practiced in so many months.


Glad he had a good time though. Here he is being congratulated by the organiser, Rebecca








What a beautiful sunrise it was that morning. One of the perks of being up at 5am


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