Huntington 10k 21 June 2015

Thank you to the hard-working group of wonderful people at Huntington 10k charity trust for having us again.  As always we enjoyed the event, what’s more the organisers are such compassionate, driven and kind lot that they really made the event so much more than just timing job for us.

Bob and Janet were so kind to continue the tradition of welcoming the Race Timing Solutions team to their home. We had a lovely dinner with the whole group and shared in laughter and discussions over desert.

The following morning was smooth and easy as we set up for Race bob to have his spotlight on the dance floor amongst the crowd of motivated runners and Jr runners.

Another awesome and very vital compliment to Huntington 10k Annual event is all the money raised from entry fees go to local charities.

The location was quite interesting – an old RAF airplane runway formally owned by the US military now used.

Race results