We are always very easy to contact should you have an enquiry and we aim to answer emails within 24 hours. Should you have a simple question that you wish to gain a fast answer to we have displayed a list of frequent questions from enquirers. Please have a look if any apply to your enquiry, should you have a specific enquiry we are always happy to answer it - there is no such thing as a silly question, just silly answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We always answer questions and give advise honestly. These are the questions most ask.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes we do, this is simply to secure your event in our calendar and secure all equipment needed to time your event. And quite frankly it also shows us you are serious and intend to keep to your commitment with us.

Do you offer customisable race numbers

Yes we do race number, we have a third party specialised race number company that we have worked with for many years and our clients have always been happy ordering race numbers through us. When ordered through us, race numbers are packed in our race packs which we organise and deliver to for you prepped and ready for race day

Can I customise my race number?

Yes of course you can, we do not start printing until you are absolutely 100% happy with the design – does not matter how many back and forth proofs we have to send, we will not stop tweeking till you are in love with the design. You can find the prices for race numbers by clicking on this link.

What is included in your race packs?

Race numbers (sold separately. You can send them to us if you get them from a third party supplier), safety pins to fasten the race numbers on clothing, timing chip and zip ties to secure timing ship to shoes (if it’s a running event). Finally we add any additional accessories you send us – i.e swim hats, ninja head bands, face tattoos – what ever you want to give your participants at registration can be included in the race pack.

Do you do online registration?

Yes, we have worked with the same third party online registration company for a few years now and have formed a very strong partnership with them so we work closely with all of our partners to ensure you and your entrants get the best service, feel safe, confident and have a piece of mind knowing we are there to help you every step of the way.

When do you come out to time events

We arrive at the venue at least 3 hours before the first start time. We work independently in setting up the timing system so you can focus on readying yourself and the marshalls for participants arrival

If you have not found the answers that you seek, please check these additional FAQs

Yes. We have now purchased a modern, simple and clean timing hardware which are available for anyone interested in timing. 

Click here to download the brochure 

It is very important that chips are worn on either the shoelace for running events or around the ankle for multiport or swimming events and don’t worry, we always bring samples to brief the marshals and leave them on the registration tables so marshals can brief participants also plus some extra zip ties should they be needed.

We display the results as soon as the first participant crosses our finish mats on two laptops located wherever is convenient.  Live results display depends on the internet coverage in the area.

Yes, we are happy to assist you with your event any way that suits you. If you would like to pick up the equipment from our office this is fine or you we can deliver it to you. Delivery charge may vary depending on item size and weight of item that can provide adequate packaging and postage.

Yes, we have a self timer option for clients who feel confident with timing the events themselves. We do training to show you how to operate our system on a timing tablet and/or laptop however, this is only recommended for events with very small number of participants.

Got more questions?

Contact us. We usually respond within the hour.