Castle 2 Castle Open Water Swim 2015

A day out in the beach for Race Timing solutions, and we thank RNLI for inviting us.

Although it wasn’t the first time we’ve time for them, rather the 3rd time and it was still nice to have my toes dipped in the sea and look out to the beautiful scenery of floating boats and historical castles and landmarks that 20150530_130031surrounded Falmouth20150530_135743






20150530_143741The weather could have been better to really give us that beach sun-tan Dennis was hoping for as he relaxed on the almost bed shaped sloped of Falmouth bay




A nice open water swim for the participants and several splashes of salted sea water for me as I sat drenched from the remains of the water dripping off the swimmers. – That part I didn’t enjoy as much hahah

Overall I nice day on a sandy beach watching a bunch of human shaped seals emerge from the sea. 20150530_160915


Cost to Cost Race results



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