Caroline Kearny Tri – 8th Aug 2015

RTS took a little trip down to see our Irish neighbours for the Caroline Kearney triathlon and it was an amazing event.

First let me start by saying I love the Irish, the accent, the humour, Dara O’Brien – love it all.

Even though I’ve visited quite a bit of Ireland before and we have timed this event for a few years now this is the first time I’ve gotten to document it – and it should be, the team there were awesome, the participants had Irish accents (which made the event better for me haha) and we got to have a proper Irish experience in a proper Irish pub.

We set off on our journey in the wee hours of the morning (see what I did there haha) on a 6-hour road trip to board Irish Ferries. Slept for 3 hours or so then drove 1 hours to the venue. Since we got there quite early we took the opportunity to venture through the town of Mullingar.

We camped out on site with a portable barbeque to feed us for the night and woke up to a beautiful sunrise on the waters of Lilliput Adventure Centre. 

After the event some of the CK team were sweet enough to send us of with a thank you drink in the most Irish pub I’ve ever drunken in and whilst I only had a small bottle of cider it was an Irish cider which made it taste somewhat better haha.

Unfortunately for us we didn’t get any of the Irish luck rubbed off on us as we met road closures at every turn our satnav directed us due to the half Ironman being held in Dublin the following day so we eneded getting on the ferry a little later than we planned which resulted in us missing out in all the good seats on the ferry. But we sailed back home to England, happy and slightly drunk off the Irish.


Thank you to Emma and the lovely organisers at Caroline Kearny, we truly hope we do this all again sometime.

Here are few pictures of the beautiful blue sky and water whilst on the ferry

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