18-19th April Weekend – OCR with Monster Race and KingFisher

Boy oh boy what a busy weekend it had been for us last week; early morning start on Saturday, we got on the road at 4am for a 4 hour road trip to Oxfordshire to get to an OCR race which consisted of 21 obstacles. We witnesses some great team work from all the participants competing for some really good charities and best of all it was a really sunny day so we didn’t have to struggle through wet sticky mud for a change.

Fun party atmosphere complete with a portable pub, kids bouncy castle and some delicious Chinese food, Monster Race really know how to throw a good event.

Off to the office we went to offload our packed RTS van and refill if with equipment for Sunday’s aquathlon event.

IMAG1007After a surprisingly comfortable 4 hour sleep in a sleeping bag at our base it was back on the road again for another 4am start on a 2 hour road journey -happy times!




We had a brilliant timing job and witnesses some real dedication from the Junior ‘aquathletes’, I was very impressed with the determination those kids had to carry their wii little legs across our timing mats right to the finish line and made their cheering family and friends proud. A great event triumph for Kingfisher and a brilliant way for us at RTS to spend our Sunday.
As per usual, we have some pictures from the Saturday event with Monster Race.
wpid-imag0929.jpg wpid-img_20150418_214220.jpg wpid-imag1001.jpg wpid-imag0997.jpg wpid-img_20150418_124143.jpg wpid-imag0985.jpg wpid-imag0979.jpg wpid-img_20150418_132723.jpg wpid-imag0941.jpg wpid-img_20150418_112153.jpg wpid-imag0937.jpg wpid-imag0930.jpg wpid-imag0932.jpg wpid-imag0925.jpg wpid-imag0910.jpg wpid-imag0908.jpg wpid-imag0891.jpg wpid-imag0894.jpg wpid-imag0898.jpg wpid-imag0901.jpg wpid-imag0899.jpg wpid-imag0904.jpg wpid-imag0915.jpg wpid-imag0919.jpg wpid-img_20150418_102530.jpg wpid-imag0951.jpg wpid-imag0943.jpg wpid-imag0959.jpg wpid-imag0963.jpg wpid-imag0966.jpg wpid-imag0940.jpg wpid-imag0985.jpg wpid-imag0928.jpg wpid-imag0931.jpg


If you participated in either of these races and still want your race times you can find them on the organisers websites via these links below:

Kingfisher Aquathlon and Junior Aquathlon 2015

MonsterRace Spring 2015


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