9th July 2010

Race Timing

Electronic Timing


We understand the complexity of race events and understand the importance of accuracy and reliability as well as flexibility in the timing technology needed to properly time and manage your events to help them achieve their full potential.


Whether your event is a marathon, 10k run or bike ride we know that your participants want their results fast and accurate. We have sophisticated ways to  communicate the timing data through a range of technology that captures and displays real-time live results online, on display laptops at the race venue and through live updates on Twitter and Facebook

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Online registration

We heScreenHunter_07 Jun. 12 20.30lp you to market your event and increase the number of participants by providing you with an online registration facility through a simple web interface. We can also produce a start list which can be made visible to participants allowing them to see who they are up against. Not only does an online registration facility help you reduce the level of administration it also takes a weight off your shoulders when setting up and planning for the event.


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