9th July 2010

Race Packs

Reducing the administrative burden associated with setting up an event helps you to focus on promoting your race and using your resources as effectively as possible.

Registration can be a stressful and time-consuming process on race day – our race pack system makes the registration process much easier so no-matter how many participants you expect, you will not need as many marshalls trying to formulate an ad hoc system to minimise the chaos that comes with the registration as our system is controlled and simple for fewer marshals to effectively and confidently manage.

We provide labeled packages with everything participants need from you and us. Inside the race packs they will find the racechip and fixings, bib number and fixings and any other accessories you wish to feature in there. The Race Packs can be dispatched to you before race day or we can bring it in the morning.

On the day of the event one of the first things we do is help organise the pack for you with letter dividers as well as placing them alphabetically for your staff/marshals to easily and quickly find and hand out to each individual participant.

Quick, easy and stress-free – job done.

Race pack start from 24p +VAT per pack 

Standard Race Pack looks like this:

RTS Full race pack inside email_wm

Customisable Race Packs can look like this. Please request a quote for customisable race packs if you’d like to add additional items in the pack.


Please note, race numbers are not included in the Race pack price; please see our Race Numbers page for tyvek and card race number options and prices


Customer Service 

We happily provide an excellent after service for you and your participants, answering enquiries they may have during and after the event. Participants can contact us from the results page should they have any enquires so you can fully relax after all your hard work

Rest assure, we have it under control.

customer service

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